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Quagga Inspection Services will coordinate the purchase of new decontamination equipment, or operate existing agency approved decontamination units to meet the requirements of our Decontaminationcontract agreement. If new equipment is to be purchased we will assist our partners in identifying the type and quantity of units needed to meet the contract requirements. In our research we have identified two decontamination models that will meet most needs of a decontamination program. Our staff will operate the decontamination systems under approved conditions by our agency partners based on criteria from the Clean Water Act of 1972.

The permanent installation unit is designed for regular operation with a high volume of contaminated vessels required to be decontaminated. The unit (Hydrosite Watercraft Decontamination System) is designed and constructed by Hydro Engineering in Salt Lake City, Utah. The system recycles all reclaimed water after removing containments through a filtration system. These systems are currently being used effectively to decontaminate vessels at several Lake Mead launching facilities.

The mobile decontamination unit is trailer mounted and can be towed to multiple locations throughout a service area. The unit is designed with a waste water recovery system to prevent contaminated water from entering any nearby waterway or drainage system. These models designed by Hydro Engineering are estimated to provide 1-hour 15-minutes of decontamination operation.

We do not perform decontaminations at any of our locations within Santa Clara County.

To best serve the public and still remain within EPA standards, we observe a mandatory 30 day quarantine for decontaminations.