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Why are we committed to stopping the spread of Quagga & Zebra mussels?

The migration of non-native aquatic species has been a growing concern over the past 3 decades in the United States.  The introduction of Quagga Mussels west of the 100th meridian in 2007 sparked wide spread concern over the impacts of these invasive species in the western United States.  We responded early in 2007 supporting the Department of Fish and Game’s education efforts for boaters across the west.  As the demand for action grew we responded by beginning the process of inspecting and educating our boating customers about the severe impact and cost of invasive species on our fisheries, water delivery and aquatic habitats.

Since 1975, Urban Park Concessionaires has been providing our superior level of service and commitment as concessionaires to our partners in local, state and national agencies. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of these partners, as well as our day-to-day clients and customers. We are proud to have achieved, and will continue to maintain, our position as the premier provider of comprehensive recreational, retail, hospitality and event management services.